The People of Sri Lanka


The native people of a country can make or break a holiday, as talking to the locals, visiting villages and markets, walking the locals walk and talking the locals talk, is very much part of an interactive holiday.

Sri Lanka is one of the friendliest nations in the world. The laid-back lifestyle of the locals, their willingness to help and the smiles on their faces will make your holiday unforgettable and memorable.

The Sri Lankans have so much time to spare and they can afford to stop and talk to strangers and welcome them to their land. They are such a gentle and courteous bunch of people.

Having over 35 Public Holidays a year helps the people to live a very relaxed life. The influence of Buddhism has turned the people of this Island into calm, generous and helpful people.

The traditions too, encourage the locals to receive and accommodate their guests. As a result, you will experience hospitality at its best in this country.

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